Der Zauber von Oz

Aussie diary / half time

When I arrived in Melbourne six weeks ago, got out of the airport without any idea where to go, my only thought was: what the fuck made you, little girl, think, travelling Australia on your own would be easy, when you don’t even know which bus to catch to go to your hostel? And there I stood in the middle of the night, my whole life in a 13 kilo backpack by my side, and couldn’t stop laughing at myself. I must have looked damn lost, because a guy came over and asked if I needed help, got me on the right bus (hand on heart, would anyone back home would have done this?). I was so happy that I finally hugged him. This was the first Aussie I met and I’m really sad that I forgot his name.

The first week the jet lag knocked me out, but with you girls Satu, Eileen, Ilaria and Daisy I had the best time and start. I miss our little Melbs family a lot. Melbourne is a dream city for everyone who’s into arts, music and different kinds of festivals. I felt home from the very beginning. When you’re traveling alone you get to know yourself in another way. The main thing, except your own life, is your passport, followed by your phone and purse. I’m still freaking out when I can’t find any of this things in the same moment I need it.

There’s no way escaping the aussie way of life while living in Oz. It already changed me and my attitude to life a lot. What you told me about the cultural differences in Germany and Australia, Maxine, made me think a lot. And I guess you’re right with everything.

What I learned here is, that you don’t need a lot material things to be satisfied. Relax. Personality matters. All you have, all we have is – now. And you must be absolutely crazy not to make the most of it. Every day. Life. And of course: No worries.

After five years of trouble sleeping, waking up every fucking two hours, I slept 8 hours without waking up a single time. For some people this might sound ridiculous, but for me it was the best thing happening in some time. You may understand, Heiner Hendrix.

Now I’m here in Brisbane, staying in your amazing house, Simone & Lee, and couldn’t be any happier. Being part in a life of locals is a completely different experience. In fact it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. You’re the best Aussies.

Thanks for the best time in Sydney, Juan (even if I couldn’t like Syd the same way I liked all the other cities, I am sorry 🙂 ), thanks Minnie for three amazing days in Byron Bay and you, Nina, for being the most adorable and crazy German girl I’ve met in Down Under. Thank you Wessel for understanding that a jukebox is a desirable item of in a life of a human being. Satu, my finnish favourite, you’re the best travel mate.

When I left Munich I had a plan. Just come back and go on. Now I don’t have one. For the first time in my life. And this independence feels freaking good. Don’t ruin your health and life for a job. Sometimes it’s okay not to walk the line. Appreciate the people around you every single day, it feels like shit, when they’re no more alive from one day to the next. Size doesn’t matter at all. You’re not alone feeling like an alien in this world full of people sometimes. Don’t be ashamed to talk about things that happened to you. And don’t run after people, who don’t appreciate you at all. It’s okay to have dreams. Sometimes a little part of them starts living. It did for me, I found myself again here in pretty Down Under. And I am the happiest girl to have all this time left here in Oz living it to the fullest.

See you soon, best people on earth – Isi Veronika Nikola Joana Bombe Simone Tobias Michi Georg Kess Lisa Neni Regina Heike Anni Caro Kilian – i miss you like crazy.

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